Below is a list of the major plant divisions and a description.

Division Meaning Common Name Distinguishing Characteristics
Anthocerotophyta Flower-horn plants Hornworts Horn-shaped sporophytes, non-vascular
Bryophyta Moss plants Mosses Persistent unbranched sporophytes, non-vascular
Marchantiophyta Marchantia plants Liverworts Ephemeral unbranched sporophytes, non-vascular
Lycopodiophyta Wolf foot plants Clubmosses and Spikemosses Microphyll leaves, vascular system
Pteridophyta Fern plants Fern and Horsetails Prothallus gametophytes, vascular system
Pteridospermatophyta Fern with seeds plants Seed ferns Only known from fossils, disputed ranking
Coniferophyta Sap plants Conifers Cones containing seeds and wood composed of tracheids
Cycadophyta Palm plants Cycads Seeds, crown of compound leaves
Ginkgophyta Ginkgo plants Ginkgo and Maidenhair Seeds not protected by fruit
Gnetophyta Gnetophytes Seeds and woody vascular system
Magnoliophyta or Angiospermae Flower plants Flowering plants Flowers, fruit, vascular system

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