Oenology, œnology (British English), or enology (American English) is the science and study of all aspects of wine and winemaking except vine-growing and grape-harvesting, which is a subfield called viticulture. “Viticulture & oenology” is a common designation for training programmes and research centres that include both the “outdoors” and “indoors” aspects of wine production. An expert in the field of oenology is known as an oenologist. The word oenology is derived from the Greek oinos, “wine,” and the suffix -logia, "study of."


An increasing number of universities now offer Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Oenology. Most Oenologists who hold doctorates hold them in related fields, such as plant physiology or microbiology. Oenologists often work as winemakers or find employment with commercial laboratories or with groups such as the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Related non-academic titles include the Master of Wine qualification and the more commercially oriented sommelier qualification.

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